torea-dumbass whispered: hi friend ily

(/ \) ily2

Anonymous whispered: 8 and 11!!

8: Talk about the thing you are most proud of.
I’m really proud of my tumblr actually, I’ve gotten popular through my cosplay and
that’s really cool. I’ve spent a tonnn of time on codes and stuff for the page, I really need to change my theme though hhhh, I really like my music player on here too idk
11: Talk about the best dream you’ve ever had
Idk I had a dream where a dinosaur was eating the grocery store by my house

I kinda had a total epiphany about what I want to do with my life today

So I tried to ask my sister what she wanted me to pick up dinner


I’ve been tagged in the background thing a billion tomes but I’ve never done it
But today I got tagged by @erifins and @notsosunnyflower today so
This is my background but its hard to screenshot it because the galaxy nexus is really weird. But its really funny because on the home screen you can only see the middle section so you can only see our hands and a little bit of our shirts and it looks like a normal arasol picture but then you swipe to either side and its„,yeah
I tag @anactualjetplane @dork_strider @theglassdragon

:0 thank you